Angry birds game

angry birdsThe Angry Birds are back in the sequel to the biggest mobile game of all time! Angry Birds 2 starts a new era of addictive slingshot game play with stunning graphics, challenging multi-stage levels, scheming boss pigs and even more destruction. This will leave you addicted and curious. You’ve never seen Piggy Island like this – jaw-droopingly stunning levels brimming with exotic plants, quirky details, fun animations and plenty of peril. Those naughty one’s are now experts at building physics defying towers: levels now have multiple stages for an added challenge. Blizzards, Hot Chillies, Golden Ducks and other outrageous spells give you an added advantage against those swindling swine.

And when you need some serious help, guess who’s at hand to make a pork-smashing cameo? That’s right; it’s the sardine loving Mighty Eagle. You got 15 levels in all.

Challenge players from across the world in the Arena to see who the best bird flinger of them all are! In the Arena you play until you run out of birds and spells, so get out there and solve the puzzles – you’re only up against the rest of the planet. There are some serious bad guys on Piggy Island, and your slingshot skills are needed to take them down. Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and the infamous King Pig will stop at nothing to keep your eggs.

Angry birds gameplay

In the Angry Birds level 1 you have 5 hearts and 70 gems. You can connect to facebook while you play the game to save your progress. The level 1 is kind of a tutorial for those who have never ever played before. So go through it and learn some techniques. It is a multi staged level with some new mechanics and graphics.

angry-bird-iconIn the level 2 you got to topple buildings and this is fun! You achieve cards when you win so that you can swap birds.

In level 3 you will have more fun and also receive some gems. You got to fill the destructometer to earn extra cards. You can see some 3D effects of things flying when you strike!

In level 4 you earn more and achievements unlocked. Good with wood! You got to deal with a tutorial. The graphics are phenomenal and lovely. Chuck is your striker!

In level 5 you have to complete a quest and collect stars! Same thing you have to strike to earn cards. It is a little complicated and use Red to strike! The first 5 levels are introductory.

Level 6, things gets a little bit more difficult. A golden pig appears! You got to crush it to win extra card and stars! The level is multi staged you got to topple buildings too and strike harder by swapping birds again and again, only one is not enough.

Level 7, you have a tall tower to topple. It is awesome! Use Blue’s for this. Multi staged again, next you have to topple 2 buildings, use Red and do not forget you can swap birds.

Level 8, it is incredible, the birds are angrier! You got balloons to pop under a building which is more difficult! The tower can be toppled of in one go but the balloons remain intact so strike hard and swap birds.

Level 9, remember to activate the bird’s ability, use Red or you might require more than one bird to pull this one off as it is more complicated with more towers right one after each other! Earn extra cards and topple all of them off.

Level 10, it just gets better. Maybe another fight?  Now you have a rainy atmosphere and this is exciting! angry birds gameYou have 2 towers to crush! Then another stage where you have a fat green pig and other towers, when win you get extra cards! Actually, if the flower absorbs the falling pig it sends it back to the tower. So crush the pig along with the tower and strike hard to do crush it.

Level 11, it gets more exciting! Now it rains ducks! Golden ducks! Hell yes! 3 towers to crush. Use the golden duck to crush them as it has super powers. You can always swap birds and use Red or Blue instead of golden duck in order to keep them for the next more difficult levels. But Red is strong enough to pull it off so your choice!

Level 12, new graphics, there is an ice tower that you got to crush and Blue is perfect for this! Just do not let yourself be attacked by the flowers. The flowers can be annoying as they throw rocks to attack. So stay away from them.

Level 13, you have a pig on an umbrella which makes it hard to crush it as it flies (LOL) This is complicated and you surely will not be expecting it. Use the duck card if required because the pigs are protected by rocks.

Level 14! It got more complicated. Stuff got serious here. If the duck cards are over use Blue, you have a very tall tower to crush and you got to strike harder. Then in next stage more towers and huge ones! Strike as hard as you can! You need to swap the birds in order to win all the stages and earn 3 stars to get free gifts and cards.

Level 15, it rains again! This time you have 3 towers to topple one after the other and 3 D effects on the pigs, do your best in order to earn extra cards! A fat pig on a cart which is damn funny. Surely you will enjoy it. This level is hardest with more towers. The fat pig makes it very annoying! Do not lose patience and keep on trying.

Angry Birds download

The game can be downloaded on Google Play store for Android users and IOS platform for Iphone. There is links for download Angry Birds – Android and download Angry Birds – iOS. This game was released on July 30 2015. This game was developed and published by Rovio entertainment. Their website: Have fun while you playing this game!

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